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Standard design constraints are as follows:

  • Minimum trace thickness: 6 mil
  • Minimum spacing between traces: 6 mil
  • Minimum hole size is: 12 mil
  • Minimum annular ring: 8 mil
  • Copper to board-edge clearance: 15 mil
You can download design rules for Eagle and Altium Designer.
We also support smaller tollerances, down to 4/4mil which can be selected on the PCB properties page during a design upload.
We support green, red, blue, yellow, white and black soldermasks.
We support 2, 4 and 6 layer designs.
Boards can be non-rectangular. They can have complex routed edges. Be aware that the bit used to route the boards has a diameter of 94 mil (2.39mm) so internal corners will have a radius of 47 mil.

Pricing is based on the smallest rectangle your design can be fit in without rotating it. For example, the L-shaped board shown below would be charged based on the dimensions of it's total length and width (4.2cm by 3.5cm).

L Shaped PCB with rulers mid

The lead time on production is generally as follows (we try to adhere to these lead times though they are not guaranteed):
  • 2 layers - 5 days lead time
  • 4 layers - 7 days lead time
  • 6 layers - 8 days lead time
Shipping times vary and can be seen on the price calculator page. To most countries, standard shipping takes 8-20 days and express shipping takes 4-10 days.
We require the gerbers for each of the following layers:

  • Top Silkscreen
  • Top Soldermask
  • Top Copper
  • Bottom Copper
  • Bottom Soldermask
  • Bottom Silkscreen
  • Board Outline

The Bottom Silkscreen is optional but there is no extra cost to include it.  Please export the gerbers with units of "Inches" and with format of 2:4 or 2:5.  Also, it's important that you export with no zero-suppression (ie keeping both leading and trailing zeros).

The board outline should be a single continuous trace. The center of this line will be the edge of the board when it is manufactured.

We also require a file describing the drills in "Excellon" or "NC Drills" format.  Please export with units of "Inches" and with format of 2:4 or 2:5.   Also, it's important that you export with no zero-suppression (ie keeping both leading and trailing zeros).

There are.
We accept boards from 1x1cm up to 25x25cm.
For larger boards send your design files to support@breadboardkiller.com.au for a quote.
Ok, so clearly PCB's aren't the best prototyping tool in every situation.  However, as an electrical engineer and hobbyist, I (Matt, the founder of Breadboard Killer) have found low-cost PCBs to be an invaluable learning tool.  With prototype PCBs, rather than messing around trying to find parts in breadboard-compatible formats or using breakout boards, one can build their design the way they want it.  To add to this, once a PCB project has been built up, it's permanent.  There's no need to disassemble it to make room for new circuits on your breadboard, it will persist as you move onto other designs and you'll be able to come back and test or reference it whenever needed.

Here's a few reasons. Take your pick.

  • Low cost.
  • 2, 4 and 6 layer boards supported.
  • Fast turnaround time for the price.
  • Fast shipping options.
  • Neat board-edges, no tabbed PCBs, you get what you order.
  • Good design tolerances.
  • Custom PCB specifications, not one size fits all.
  • High quality boards.
  • We're Australian!

If you'd like to ask another question please email it to: support@breadboardkiller.com.au. We'll be happy to answer!